Ethics: Understanding Your Responsibility to Children
NAEYC Ethical Tutorial
Ethical Dilemma Feedback
Answer 1 - Issue - Jamie has a anger or behavior problem, Amanda has run out of solutions to handling Jamie

Answer 2 - 
a. Amanda has responsibilities to the child and family.
b. Amanda should consider that the child may need to be assessed for the issue, consider finding some resources to help address the issue, and consider the parents feelings about the issue

Answer 3 - Guidance from the Code - I-1.7 - To use assessment information to understand and support children’s development and learning, to support instruction, and to identify children who may need additional services.

Answer 4 - First talk with the parents about Jamie’s behavior, try and find strategies that can be worked on at home and at childcare, if there is no change in behavior after this, seek professional help.

Your answers may vary in text and description however, if the context is similar you have answered the question correctly, if they differ, then you may want to review the NAEYC Code and/or talk with an experienced childcare professional.
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