Ethics: Understanding Your Responsibility to Children
NAEYC Ethical Tutorial
What Would You Do?


In order to complete the Lesson you will need to:
*Grab a pen and paper
*Read the Ethical Dilemma from the previous Tab "It's Your Turn"
*Refer to the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct - Section 1: Ethical Responsibilities to Children
*Compete the following Practice questions 

In your own words, identify what you think is the main concern, issue, or problem in this situations

To whom do she have responsibilities? Whom and what do she have to consider in making a decision?

What guidance can you find in the section of the Code of Ethics? What specific items in the code are helpful in guiding your decisions?

What do you think an early childhood educator should do to best resolve the situation? What actions should you take in resolving the situation?
Practice Questions
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